In April 2017, I took part in The 100 Day Project - a chance to document the subject of your choice for 100 days. Being such a huge fan ofWally Tiles, this was the perfect excuse to go Wally Tile hunting!

In reality though, my project took just a *wee* bit longer than 100 days to complete, and I took the final photo in March 2018.

'Wally' is a Scottish word for ceramic, as in 'Wally Dugs' (ornamental porcelain dogs) and 'wallies' (false teeth!). Wally Tiles were generally used to decorate the closes (entrances) of tenements in more gentrified areas (eg West End and Southside of Glasgow) but my Wally Tile hunt took me to places you wouldn't expect to find such amazing tiles. I had so much fun over those '100 days' that I'm still on the lookout!

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If you love Wally Tiles even a fraction as much as I do, you have to check out the fantastic Tnmnt Tiles archive on Twitter. Zan Phee has spent over 5 years curating the project and new photos are added regularly. You'll love it!